Brett is a professionally licensed mortgage broker.

Very few people would be proud that their first job as a summer student would lead to a 20+ year career teaching people how to win at the money game.

That is exactly where Brett Roessel started before becoming one of the finance industry’s most respected Mortgage Brokers in Canada. Brett’s career began as an 18 year old summer student with a major financial institution while he was pursuing a career in hockey; A dream held by many young men who were born and raised in Calgary, AB. 

He is the youngest of 5 and was heavily involved with sports growing up as were his 2 brothers and 2 sisters. For two parents who earn a modest income, that means sports equipment (x5), registration fees (x5) and travel (x5). Not to mention navigating the logistics over 2 very different seasons.

Before Brett’s career took off helping families make the biggest financial decision of their lifetime as a mortgage advisor, he learned what it means to work hard, be honest and loyal from his parents. What they didn’t teach him was how money works.